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Χορός & Κίνηση

Moovin’ & Groovin

Dance & Movement

Dance, move your body, express yourself, socialise!

Kunia’s Dance & Movement classes are designed to take you on an exciting journey of self-expression, movement exploration, communication and physical artistry.

From the lively rhythms of Swing Dances to the dynamic world of Acrobatics our classes foster creativity, boost self-confidence and provide a supportive space for you to let go and groove like never before!

Whether you are a newbie or more experienced, you’ll discover new and different ways to express yourself through movement, understand the nuances of rhythm and connect with other people.

Explore our Dance & Movement classes and discover the magic that happens when you move to the rhythm of your heart:

  • Lindy Hop
  • Vernacular Solo Jazz
  • Charleston
  • Acrobatics Flow
  • Acrobatics Foundation
  • Partnering & Improvisation
  • Acrobatics Dynamics
  • Baby Wearing Dance

Set your inner artist free

Art Classes

Unwrap your creativity, express yourself and socialise!

Kunia’s Art classes are designed to awaken your inner artist, ignite your imagination and provide you with a canvas to express your unique creativity.

From the expressive strokes of drawing to the imaginative journey of illustration and the enchanting craft of bookbinding our classes are not just about creating beautiful pieces. They’re about exploring your thoughts, emotions and stories through colors, shapes and textures.

Whether you are experienced or you are picking up a paintbrush for the first time, you’ll discover new and different ways to experiment, push boundaries and think outside the box.

Explore our Art classes and discover a gateway to a world of endless possibilities:

  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Bookbinding
  • Drawing
  • Engraving

Social Swing Dancing

at Maieftirio Comedy Club
Dance, music, chit-chat
free entrance