Swing Along Code of Conduct

Making swing dance events a welcoming place

At Swing Along we want all participants to have a good time, meet new people, learn and feel comfortable during the classes, and enjoy the socials. We value diversity, respect individuality and there are a few things that we would ask participants to keep in mind. It’s about respecting fellow dancers, taking care of the people around them and participating in making swing dance events a welcoming space for everyone. 

This environment is for everyone regardless of gender/gender identity, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, religion. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you are on the receiving end of such behavior, or you notice something, please come speak to the organizers.

Be respectful on the dance floor. If there is a collision of any kind on the dance floor all parties involved should apologize. As the dance floor will get crowded during the night, use your common sense and do not try to do air steps or dangerous moves that could harm you, your partner, or other people around you. It is every dancer’s responsibility to be aware of their own and their partner’s movement and position, as well as the movement and position of the dancers surrounding them, in order to avoid all forms of dangerous contact.

Please be respectful to event staff, even if you are experiencing a personal frustration. Without the goodwill of these individuals, a smoothly functioning event is impossible.

As event organisers, dancers, teachers and members of the local and international swing dance community, we are committed to do our best to ensure our events and classes are a safe and welcoming space for everyone to join in and feel comfortable. We educate ourselves and encourage discussions about social topics, we learn and respect history and take initiatives to make our local scene and international events inclusive.